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Site Suspended?

leave a comment » has unblocked from GFW of China, and I decided to write a blog in English.
However,  I can’t logon yesterday, it show me “Site Suspended”, without reasons. So I search the support forum and Google it but get nothing useful.

I love WP, I pasted WP logo on my car. I can’t accept the suspend without reasons. I wrote a contact form for the help.
After 12 hours, Anthony from WP reply to me with apologies, the system made a mistake and all has benn restored.

Scared me. 😛

Thanks to WP. I made a honest choice. 🙂


Written by Velan lee

2010/06/24 at 23:55:32

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去年對車身進行了幾次貼紙, 一直都沒有來得及展示一下.


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2010/03/26 at 09:30:31


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在網上呆的時間長了, 又是搞設計的,  就一直有收藏各網站截圖的愛好.
今天工作不多,  先弄幾張有意思的門戶網站首頁截圖評論一番, 憑當消遣.

第一個想到的當然是Google. 高度為353像素.

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Written by Velan lee

2010/01/28 at 19:30:33

有些東西, 能成為一種宗教

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比如Google.  不誇張的說,  沒有Google我幾乎無法生活.


比如Michael Jackson. 他的信徒我想不會比Google少.
比如Blizzard. 作品產量少得可憐卻完美無瑕.
比如WordPress, Wikipedia.  我已經快要成為她們的信徒.
比如Twitter. 比如Facebook.  世界數一數二的微博客.


Written by Velan lee

2009/08/27 at 14:38:05