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How to acrossing the GFW with cell phone

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In China, acrossing the GFW has become essential to everyone’s life skills. Today, I introduce a way,  to use the cell phone to acrossing the GFW.

People who need this:
Living in countries where there is a network blocking, such as China.

We have to prepare:
1, A host supported PHP. You can get a free php host.
2, Opera Mini Server Mirror, download the index.php here.
3, Opera Mini, a web browser for cell phones. Download it here, it is a jar file.
4, Opera Mini server changer, a tool for modify Opera Mini. Download it here.

OK,Let’s do it step by step.
1, Upload the index.php to your host, and then access it. Got a Google index? that’s it.
2, Run Opera Mini server changer. Look at the picture:

Now you can install your modified jar file. Good luck!

Why it Works?
Because Opera Mini uses data compression technology that enables data to be encrypted. But under pressure from the Chinese government, Opera’s Norway compression server refuse requests from China’s IP. And now we are using a proxy server to transfer data with the compression server.

Why it don not Works?
I don’t know. Please tell me.

Today is America’s Independence Day. A powerful nation must be free of the culture and infomation, and this is China most need.
Bless the American people, and bless the Chinese people.


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2010/07/04 at 00:42:10

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Dangerous SNS site in China

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Social network service (SNS), including facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc., they have a complete privacy control. (Because GFW reasons, ordinary Chinese people can not access these sites.) However, SNS sites in China, are different.

There are two major SNS sites in China, the following I give my experience.

I was its registered user. This site does not respect the user is: free to delete your post (well, we know you have been forced by the Government), a large number of blinking flash ads (I had to write filters), a large number of e-mail notification can not cancel … The most terrible is that, ignoring the user’s privacy.

I am very concerned about privacy. (Who do not care?) Because of the special circumstances of China’s Internet, I did not fill my details in the SNS site.  But even so, it is also constantly send me emails, saying that users find me. I was disgusted, not because some people find me, but because I am in its so-called “Privacy Settings” has simply not find any “no one was allowed to search me” option.

I feedback to the technical department, without any response. And with its poor user experience, I removed my user name immediately. Then until now, ALSO continued to send me emails, saying “Keep my data, as long as I logon again, the data is still” … I began to regret at the fxxking registration. Set to spam, clean up.

2,’s user experience is better than, with many of my friends are on it, so I registered. Of course, do not fill my details. I have been naive to think is “relatively clean”. After all, no spam mail, no evil, at least look no evil.

But something happened on the first few days: I login, the system shows the message: “you might know people: XXX in the Add him to your friend list?”

Of course I know him, he is one of my friends. The key is that I can not fill out additional information like work, I believe that he could not write, I and he do not have any common friends, then the system is HOW TO KNOW We know? Finally, I still did not add him, and to delete some information —- I do not like to be monitored.

The site is bad, the site is dangerous.
I prefer to tell my information to foreign strangers’ VPN, were reluctant to tell a website in China.

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2010/07/01 at 07:05:36

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Current Situation of China’s Internet

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As we all know, the government of China does not allow freedom of speech. Otherwise, you may be thrown into prison. So I had to use English to write the blog.

There is a GFW in China, the world’s leading filtering technology. It blocks you visit some websites, such as twitter, facebook, youtube, etc. so the user generated content sites, that is, web2.0 sites. has been blocked before, but recently be re-opened.

Because the presence of GFW have spent a lot of taxpayers money. Also to write this article, I had to use VPN —– from China connection speed is too slow.

Also because of the presence of GFW people published texts on the internet must be filtered. Some sensitive words are filtered into **, or even not allowed to publish. The Chinese government has never released a list of sensitive words, or even never recognized the existence of GFW.

In fact, many countries have Internet filtering system, but most of them to prevent child pornography, piracy and so on. But in China, more to prevent human rights, democracy, against the Government, the content is prohibited. As the sensitive, the government has never issued a standard filter rule.

China national domain name (.cn) registration was initially not allowed to individuals. Later, the individual open and free to register and to the price of $0.14 per year. When the .cn became to the world’s highest national domain name registration (exceeded .de), the Government has not allowed personal registration statement, the need for identity cards. This is to better control the site, but also directly led to a large number of .cn domain name was abandoned, was recovered. When the government re-open free domain registration, most people have lost confidence.

At present, China is prepared to implement the Internet white list system, As the user in this, I can not afford to change all that.

Some facts:
  • If you go to the internet café, you need to login with your ID card.
  • If you want to start even a personal blog site, you need to take photographs for the record to the location of host. You assume all costs such as tolls and tickets.
  • Each e-mail and blog services are state machine reviews, your e-mail and articles will be LOST at any time.
  • Most domain name is very difficult to transfer out. Even if you can, also need extra cost or time.
  • More expensive than the foreign host, with the poor performance and service.
  • State Internet dept (CNNIC) make rogue software for profit.
  • Internet service provider (ISP) forcibly push ads on your desktop.

Written by Velan lee

2010/06/25 at 01:40:23