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Name: Velan lee
Religion: Christian
Professional: E-Commerce · Enneagram of Personality · Family Constellations · Mobile computing · Psychologists ·Training
Hobbies: Acura,Sony,Google,Reading,Hollywood movie,Console-game,WOW,USA,Japan,Astronomy,Quentin Tarantino,Christoph Waltz,SAW,Inglourious Basterds,Django Unchained,IMDB,OST,Wakin Chau,Jeff Chang,Rammstein,LinkinPark,MJ,Anti-communism

Location: Tianjin, china

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This blog occasionally write about Internet and work, hobbies, like articles, open but not propaganda. Not for visit numbers, just for recording and friends with same values.

This blog principles:

1: Stick to writing original.
2: Stick to tell the truth, although personal views do not always right.


Written by Velan lee

2009/09/23 at 05:29:22

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