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A heavy user of Internet, what will happen if disconnected?

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The object of this experiment is myself.

The last time disconnected the Internet was go to Beijing in 2001. There was no smart phones and mobile Internet, so disconnected with the world as long as two weeks, when I got home, typing hands are stiff.

Recently move to a new house, I suddenly realized that all these years has not been real quiet, so I thought: why not try life without the Internet? Gmail also blocked completely by China’s goverment (of course I can access it), I do not learn some fools seclusion, just think in these took too much time.
Well, I will spend more time to join parties underline, cooking, watching movies, reading, writing articles, playing consoles, sleeping.

As an IT and Internet practitioner, disconnect is not an easy thing. My plans are:

  • Not to install fiber-optic, broadband or telephone. (Completed)
  • Log off / stop all social services except FB. (Completed)
  • The only connection that can be used is a mobile phone network and Wechat app.
  • I can watch news every day, to search information, WOW time is also free, but all operations are taking cellular network traffic.
  • I can go to Internet cafes three hours each weekend, finish browsing pages one week, playing WOW, take back information for next week.
  • Never do matters above through company or others’ computer, which is not allowed to cheat.
  • Tentative experimental period of six months, up to 2G limited traffic.

Today is January 1, this plan will begin today.
Wish you all a Happy New Year, wish I could be successfully completed.
Status update:
The experiment lasted for a short time.
The first afternoon I was not used to Internet cafes.
The third day I called to the ISP, so I have resumed the Internet in a week.



Written by Velan lee

2015/01/01 at 07:23:41