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Kongrong share the pears

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Kongrong share the pears

His name is Kongrong, 4yrs old. He has five big brothers and a young brother.
One day they eating pears at home, brothers let Kongrong take it first, but he chose the smallest one. His father was surprised and asked,”Why did you take the smallest one?” Kongrong answered “Because I am the youngest, the biggest one should be for the elder.” His father asked again,”But you have a younger brother, you are older than him.” Kongrong replied, “I am older than him, so I should leave the bigger one for my young brother.”
On hearing these words, his father was satisfied with his answer and smiled happily. What a good boy Kongrong. Children should learn from Kongrong.

This is a well-known story in China. Everyone was educated in this story when he was a child. Because I have no independent thinking at that time, so the teacher said Kongrong is a good boy, then he is.

Now I think that Kongrong has inconsistent, confused values.
And he denied the right to choose of others.
Unfortunately, there is “standard answers” in Chinese education. If I give the words above as my answer, the teacher will judged it as error.

Lies are made in such ways.

Recently discussed this topic with a friend, we have a consensus:
Pears on the table, who likes to eat takes their own.


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2014/09/13 at 22:25:32

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He’s the guy who’s the talk of the town with the restless gun
don’t shoot broad out to fool him around
keeps the varmints on the run, boy, keeps the varmints on the run

You may think he’s a sleepy tired guy always takes his time
sure I know you’ll be changing your mind
when you’ve seen him use a gun, boy, when you’ve seen him use a gun

He’s the top of the West
always cool, he’s the best
he keeps alive with his colt 45

Who’s the guy who’s riding into town in the prairie sun
You weren’t glad at your fooling him around
when you’ve seen him use a gun

註釋:colt 45,即柯爾特手槍,45是指口徑為0.45英吋。

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2014/09/10 at 06:50:02

《被解放的姜戈》演員簡介 + 拍攝花絮 + 穿幫鏡頭

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  • 在意大利西部片中,姜戈是個家喻戶曉的名字。1966年電影《姜戈》的主演Franco Nero在本片中飾演了一個和卡文鬥奴隷的人,所以有新老姜戈對話一說。
  • Franco Nero
  • 謎一樣的蒙面女人實際上是烏瑪瑟曼在《殺死比爾》中的替身,她叫Zoe。(昆汀很喜歡在電影中安排這樣不起眼但大有來路的元素,所以要深入研究啊!)
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Django Unchained (2012) 1080p BluRay AC3+DTS HQ.mkv_20131219_145318.587Django Unchained (2012) 1080p BluRay AC3+DTS HQ.mkv_20131219_145728.719

  • 劇本中是7名奴隷(牙醫計數也是計到7),而電影中是5名。姜戈都在第四位。
  • 昆汀在劇本中加入了他的感受(這裡很漂亮之類的)。
  • 劇本中片頭字幕後有一段姜戈的閃回記憶,是他和妻子在格林威爾拍賣場上被賣掉。
  • 劇本中反覆提及了姜戈心中的恨意(hating,poison,ugly)。
  • 劇本中牙醫向斯派克兄弟問好後立即向奴隷們問好。
  • 劇本中牙醫在聽到姜戈回答時是策馬向他走去,未下馬並非常喜悅(連說Splendid、Wunderbar、amazing)。(牙醫直到殺掉Ace後才下馬)。
  • 劇本中被死馬壓住腿的Dicky在被建議安靜後並沒有狂嚎。而電影中那一幕就非常有笑果。
  • 劇本中,當姜戈被問到能否認出布魯托三兄弟時又有記憶閃回,是他和妻子被迫ml並被布魯托三兄弟干擾的情節。(其中某人可能有同性戀傾向,在此不述)
  • 劇本中牙醫反覆的問姜戈到底賣多少錢,Dicky詛咒他之後說800塊,牙醫說我又不是第一天出生。
  • 劇本中Dicky沒有阻止姜戈帶走他哥哥的大衣,當然姜戈也沒有踩他的死馬。
  • 劇本中牙醫要求Dicky在銷售合同上籤字,後者在他臉上吐了口水。他用手帕抹掉後自己簽字,然後說:很高興和你做生意,但是你的客服需要改進了。
  • 劇本中姜戈不會騎馬,並且他倆為了馬的名字和所屬討論了很多,最後命名為Tony。

昆汀的文筆還不錯,哈氣寫成creating clouds in the air,奴隷寫成black skinned cargo(黑皮貨物)、human live stock(活人股票)、inventory(庫存),換成我就是大流水帳直接slave了。
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Written by Velan lee

2014/09/08 at 00:18:45