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How to acrossing the GFW with cell phone

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In China, acrossing the GFW has become essential to everyone’s life skills. Today, I introduce a way,  to use the cell phone to acrossing the GFW.

People who need this:
Living in countries where there is a network blocking, such as China.

We have to prepare:
1, A host supported PHP. You can get a free php host.
2, Opera Mini Server Mirror, download the index.php here.
3, Opera Mini, a web browser for cell phones. Download it here, it is a jar file.
4, Opera Mini server changer, a tool for modify Opera Mini. Download it here.

OK,Let’s do it step by step.
1, Upload the index.php to your host, and then access it. Got a Google index? that’s it.
2, Run Opera Mini server changer. Look at the picture:

Now you can install your modified jar file. Good luck!

Why it Works?
Because Opera Mini uses data compression technology that enables data to be encrypted. But under pressure from the Chinese government, Opera’s Norway compression server refuse requests from China’s IP. And now we are using a proxy server to transfer data with the compression server.

Why it don not Works?
I don’t know. Please tell me.

Today is America’s Independence Day. A powerful nation must be free of the culture and infomation, and this is China most need.
Bless the American people, and bless the Chinese people.


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2010/07/04 at 00:42:10

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